Wedding Investment

Each wedding is perfect, beautiful and magical... with just a sprinkle of stress (let's be real maybe a little more than a sprinkle... especially the seating charts, Oh boy the seating charts, amiright?!)! I want to be your third wheel, the one who captures the love and connection between you and the love of your life. From the moment you get ready to the quiet sunset kiss you share and every moment in between!
Syracuse New York Wedding Photographer
Each wedding package is put together with your special day in mind, let's face it there's no weddings that are cookie cutter weddings each one is different, they each come with a online password protected gallery, professional image editing, high-resolution images and print credit. Whether you're getting married on a beach, mountain, in the city or even a destination wedding I want to share in your perfect day!
Rochester New York Wedding Photographer
Now I know what you're thinking " you really didn't say how much Joelle... gosh!" Ok Ok my bad I told you 4 things at once but I didn't forget. On average my couples invest around $4,400 including wedding day coverage, prints, products, second shooter etc. I offer payment options (because hello... it's a wedding and paying for everything up front just isn't that easy and pretty much unrealistic) to help stay on budget! Weddings aren't one size fits all so shoot me a message below and tell me what you're looking for and let's do this thang!
North Carolina Wedding Photographer

I know, I know, it's hard straight to the brass tax question, but let's be honest it's gotta be asked! And I know you wanna know

No shame in your wedding planning game! You got this, love!