(in my best Mrs. Doubtfire voice)

I'm Joelle a mother of two painfully sarcastic kids (who MIGHT take after me...), David & Bella (three if you count my fiance), and two crazy pooches, Shera & Elsa. I'll be real with you, I'm NOT perfect, far from it actually. I swear too much, live in my yoga pants & sweatshirts, I believe cookies or cake for breakfast is fine (I mean they have eggs and milk in them) & have a squirrel personality (I can't help I think of 4 things at once!). If you're looking for a fun down to earth gal who laughs at everything and can be a little awkward, than look no further! I'm outgoing & bubbly with a sarcastic & laid back personality and have been told I can be loud at times (I blame that on being 100% Italian, but it comes in handy during the big group photos... no mic needed for this chick). I love having fun, making you laugh and feel at ease.. I have a talent for that!
I'm obsessed with the LOVE between two souls (but really who isn't?) You know the love that makes your heart full, the kind that puts you at ease even in a stressful situation. There's nothing better than the feeling you get when the love of your life is near. And I love being able to capture those moments for couples to look back on for so many years to come, especially on their wedding day!
So get a cup of coffee and a couple scones with ya girl and let's make some magic!
Rock on and remember, Just Breathe!

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So come on, let's get funky!

So come on, let's get funky!