You're in love

I'm SO very happy you are here!! First and foremost, CONGRATS!!! How exciting! Getting married is a big milestone, a beautiful journey & I couldn't be happier for you. GO LOVE! Spending the rest of your life with your best friend, soul mate, better half is the easiest... and hardest thing (besides being a parent lol) in this world.

It takes love, compromise, forgiveness and coffee.. lots and LOTS of coffee (planning a wedding requires coffee), but more important than that it takes patience. So take a deep breath and even when they leave the tooth paste cap off or puts the clean dishes on the wrong side of the sink just remember the butterflies you two had when you first met, the way their hand reaches for yours at just the right moment and don't stress! Maybe have a glass of wine or a chocolate bar and laugh.

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From the moment your eyes met you knew, that is where your heart belonged. You couldn't understand how you ever lived without them in your life, but you know you never want to be another second without them.